Saturday, 9 August 2008

Saturday 9th August 2008

These 2 paintings are ACEOs again - Since I started painting ACEOs they seem to have taken over and most of my art now is miniature or ACEO.

They are painted on 200lb Saunders Waterford paper with watercolour paints, ink and gouache.

Anything I paint with cats or westies in seems to sell well.

I had a break from selling on ebay for a few weeks but now have more listings on there and sales are good again at the moment.

I also updated my website so that customers can buy prints of the ACEOs that I have already sold. The originals sell as fast as I paint them so I can only offer prints on my site at the moment.
The weather here is attrocious at the moment, summer seems to have disappeared - nice to stay in and paint though.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Monday 4th August

Well it is supposed to be summer here but feels like autumn. Rainy and windy most of the day. Now in the evening the sun is out.

So I had a painting day again and did 2 little ACEOs and have listed them on ebay.

I love painting cats :-)
If you are interested in buying click HERE to go to my auctions

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday 3rd August

Another painting complete and listed on ebay today. I want to keep something listed on there all the time again if I can.

This one is called Serenity Fairy

I'm trying putting a reserve on them so I get a better amount for them.

Any that dont sell I will put on my website.

I've been painting in watercolours for a long time now with the occasional dabble in oils and acrylics.

I think I will try to do a fairy painting in acrylics. I've just bought a book of beautiful art by Josephine Wall which has really inspired me.

I'm also trying to work out how to sell more of my images - getting royalties for images is a good way of getting an income.

I'm working with Joanna Sheen on a DVD which will be selling on Ideal World soon and she is paying me royalties for the images.

I'll post on here when the DVD is available. It will also be available on her website

Off to do some more painting now - or at least think about what to paint. Just made a canadian Malt loaf which is in the oven and smells delicious :-)

Yummy warm washed down with a cuppa !!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

First Blog post

Well this is my first time at trying out a blog.

I thought I would create one so that people can see what art I am doing and keep up to date with what I have available for sale.

Here are a couple of photos of paintings that I have for sale on ebay at the moment.

The first one is Fairy and Pet Dragons. The second one is Buttercup Fairy
They are 8" x 6" and are painted with watercolour and Gouache on 200lb Saunders Waterford paper
They are available on ebay right now click HERE
Thanks for looking :-)